Hammer of the Scots - Blank Map After Sync'ing

I’ve been attempting to play Hammer of the Scots and whenever I, or my opponent, synchronize to an online game the background map disappears. We can still see the blocks, just not the map.

I’m wondering if this is a known issue and if there’s any fixes?

You and your opponent may be using different versions of the Hammer vassal module. I uploaded a new module version within the past two weeks. The new version uses the new HotS map, and it also has other small improvements. Considering that you are having map problems, I am guessing that’s the problem.

Shilinski, many thanks for replying to my post. Yes that’s most likely the cause of the problem, as I downloaded the module about 1 month ago and my opponent downloaded it last week. I should have checked the versions; just assumed there hadn’t been such a recent update. I’ll download the new module and we’ll try to play again tonight.