Hannibal (revised)? module...

I’ve noticed players using a revised Hannibal module - gives module name as - Hannibal (revised)
Does anyone here have any idea how it has been revised versus the module available at the main vassal module site?
The reason I ask is because my experience of using the vassal site mod identified some areas of improvement with handling the strategy cards. No disrespect meant to the original mod author but it doesn’t really support competitive play in that you need a deal of ‘trust’ when trying to ‘randomly’ discard or hand cards between players. Just being able to ‘see’ how many cards your opponent holds would be a benefit with text prompts on number of cards drawn (dealt) etc.
It isn’t a major problem because I know most people normally only play using the honour system anyway but it would be a nice feature to have the module handle the effects of the Messenger card, for example.

I was wondering whether the above (revised) module captures these card management features?

Anyone know?

Where did you find this “revised” module?

I’ve encountered a problem with the Hannibal module I downloaded from Vassalengine.org When I bring up the Battle cards and try to shuffle them, it flips the cards (or at least the top one), but doesn’t seem to shuffle them. When I draw Battle Cards, they are in order and not shuffled.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to get the cards shuffled, but nothing seems to work.

Is it just me? I assume this module gets used a lot, so am puzzled why I am seeing this.

Hi ges. [is that you Glenn?]

I haven’t ‘found’ a revised module as such, only noticed it being used on the vassal server connections ‘window’ here…
vassalengine.org/community/i … index.html

I was hoping that by posting here I would attract the attention of whoever uses that revised module.

As for the problems you mention, I have experienced a few myself (hence the search for the ‘revised’ mod) but mine are more specific to the module’s functionality. I haven’t experienced a problem with the battle cards but I’ve noticed it seems to work better if you select ‘Draw Mulitple Cards’, type in the number and then drag the top card over to your player hand. The module will automatically drag a number equal to that you typed in.

Hi Barry,

Yes, it’s me. :slight_smile:

The module is quite nice except that no matter what I do I can’t seem to get the battle cards shuffled.

If I come across an updated version, I’ll let you know.


It does seem to do something rather strange when you right-click and select shuffle.
The card deck ‘pile’ seems to reduce down to just one card?

I’ve found that by right-clicking and selecting ‘return to deck’, the draw pile will slowly ‘grow’. It’s a bit labourious but if you keep right-clicking and selecting ‘return to deck’ eventually you’ll right-click and be presented with the command; shuffle or draw mulitple cards.
At that point I then draw multiple cards on the assumption that the pile has been re-shuffled?

I’ve only used the module once for an on-line game and can’t say for certain whether or not this was a problem. Don’t recall it causing us problems but it is difficult trying to verify whether the cards have shuffled randomly. The problem with the module is you can’t use it in solitaire mode so it’s very difficult to test whether the shuffle function really works.

Well, here’s what I am seeing…

When I right click on the battle card deck and select ‘shuffle’, then I see a face up card and it looks like the deck is one card deep.

So, I did as you suggested and selected ‘return to deck’ and clicked through the whole deck of cards and they went back in face up, but still unshuffled.

I tried to edit the module to fix this problem, but don’t know enough about Vassal to figure it out.

For now (playing a solo game), I’m using Vassal for everything but the battle cards and just rely on ACTS for that. Guess I could also just use the actual cards from the game. Hmm, that might be simpler.

But it would sure be nice to fix this problem. I like the Vassal module better than the Cyberboard gamebox.

I think maybe I’m wrong and that the cards are shuffled, but if you step through them doing the return to deck thing, they are all in order. I guess they are randomized when you draw?

Ive taken a look.
The strategy deck is not set to auto shuffle. The Battle deck is set to auto
shuffle. This should probably be changed so that they act consistently if
its causing confusion so you’ll need to get mod author to fix this

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I wonder if it’s because there are 2 General Discussion sections …

Oh crap! I see what the problem is, I’ve got two sections called “General Discussion”. So when a message comes in, it doesn’t know which one to go to. I’ll re-name the Module General Discussion.

e-mail lists… I used to think laptop support was the bane of my existence, how wrong I was! :laughing:


I am the author of the Hannibal module on the site. It was a very early attempt on my part a few years ago and my Vassal skills have (hopefully) improved since then. :blush:

I will have a look and see if I can sort out a few of its idiosyncrasies. I’m also happy to add as a contributor anyone who might like to enhance/fix the module - thus allowing them to post their changed version onto the same page. Email me if you’re interested.