Have both 'snap to grid' and 'non snap to grid' pieces

Is it possible to have both ‘snap to grid’ and ‘non snap to grid’ pieces on the same map?

So for example in a table top styled game you might have snap to pieces representing stands of figures, and non snap to markers scattered near them.

I am guessing no. Maybe some future version could have the snap to (and stacking) properties reside in the piece rather than the map?

If you add the non-stacking trait, there’s a checkbox there that says to ignore the grid while moving. Try that.

I am able to get the effect of “both” in Paths of Glory. I turn the checkbox for it off, and then for the pieces that I want to snap-to-grid, whenever they receive a “MovedOnMap” trigger, they do a Send-to-Location to their current LocationName, which centers them.

So if you look at PoG, the units snap to their spaces, but the trenches & control markers & fort markers and things can all be skewed out in various directions as appropriate.

Thanks, I thought i remembered seeing that checkbox but somehow missed it at 3am…

Shilinsky? Wasn’t that a character in Red Army by Ralph Peters. A fantastic book, he’s an interesting guy that’s for sure…