having editable labels on tokens/cards

hey folks! Am just about done putting a game together and have been looking for a feature to be able to place status effects and things of the like on particular units on the field.

I saw another mod were you were able to right click and press ‘change status’, ‘set damage’ and looking through the edit files i was able to make out that it had something to do with the ‘text label’ trait.

Now i place it in and find a label that i put in crop up on the card when i’m playing but their isn’t a right click option to change that label. For the purposes of the game the only thing i really care about is being able to change what the label says. Is their a way of doing this without having to program code into it?

I also read something about dynamic properties in this thread viewtopic.php?t=185
Even had a file (an mpeg?)in the thread that you could import? i couldn’t figure that out but maybe that’s what i’m looking for?

although it seems strange that theirs the menu command called ‘change label’ in the text label advanced properties so i’m feeling that what i’m needing is much simpler.

many thanks!

Ok so i figured it out!

realized all i was missing was a keyboard cmd. that makes it pop up in right click menu as well. just make sure you have the label traits after the rotate trait or things will get weird on you!