Having trouble with a GKC

Hi all,

I have counters on map “Mistral” and they have the “Invisible” trait.
I need a button on “Winds” map to reset the counters to Invisible at the start of the turn.

I have the right Key command. I put “Current Board=Mistral” in the Matching properties line and then tried a bunch of other stuff to get the invisible part to work to no avail. I’m not sure if this makes any difference but the counters are located in an “At-Start Stack”

I have only done one GKC before. That one was on the main map of a game that resets a layer at the end of the turn. I got that one to work but I’m having trouble with this one. Help would be greatly appreciated!

Does the button – when placed on Mistral map – work as intended?

It does not. I think it might be something in the Matching properties line. I’m not sure exactly how to trigger the Invisible state from visible to invisible. It works on the counter if you right click. I tried many different variations.
For Example: Invisible_Active=true

I also tried giving the counter the marker: “invis” value “true”
and added “invis=true” in the GKC matching properties line
hoping this would target the specific counter.

Making counter invisible sets the InvisibleToOthers property (vassalengine.org/wiki/Hideable).

Thanks. The button now works if placed on the main map but when in the “Winds” map window it doesn’t work.

For reference:
Working button:
This makes any visible pieces turn invisible when the piece has the “invisible” trait and a marker trait called: “invis” with value of “true” on the same map as the button.

The button that now doesn’t work is on another map window:
Same as above but I added: CurrentBoard=“Mistral” which is the map where the pieces are located. I do not have the “Apply to counters on this map only?” button checked.

Ahha! Solved.

Since this game only has one map (not counting the ones I artificially added for Vassal use, I should have been using “CurrentMap” not “CurrentBoard”

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the proper InivisibleToOthers property GrouchySmurf.