Hello I am new but want to update a module

Hi forum, I would really like to update the Warmachine/Hordes module with the new characters from Domination. I have played around with it, but how do I make a real update verified and tested and put on the website. Thanks! Any tutorials/instructions for the VASSAL editor?

  • This is more likely to get a response in the ‘Module Design’ forum.
  • Yes, I would first recommend the ‘Module Designer’s Guide’, available in the ‘Docs’ tab at the top of this website.
  • Contact the module developer listed in the module’s wiki page to see if they want you to submit your changes to them, or use a particular version number, or take over development entirely, whatever.
  • In any case, do change the version number, and filename (which ideally contains the version number) of the module. When you’ve finished your updates and are ready to upload the new version, update the module’s wiki page. The FAQ: vassalengine.org/wiki/How_to … odule_Page is helpful, though you won’t need to create a module page, just edit it to include a link to the new version.