HELP - ABOUT Module - distorts splash screen

VASSAL 3.5.5

The splash screen colors display correctly (black on white background) when the module launches. However, when called by
HELP - ABOUT “Module Name” the splash screen doesn’t display correctly (black background and strangely colored outlined letters).

IIRC this is not new, but has been happening for several versions…

Need a link to the module in question, as it’s not happening for me in the ones I use. … RC-05.vmod

Wacky! That does indeed reproduce for me. We’ll have a look.

Your About image contains black text on a transparent background. If you want to control what color the background pixels are, you need to make them opaque.

I’ve attached a version of your file where I’ve converted the “transparent color” to a “real white”. That should do the trick if you substitute it as your about screen image.


Thanks guys… I didn’t knowingly turn on transparency, apparently it is something Open Office (what I used to generate it) did by default…

Appreciate the help…