Help! Create Simple 52-card Deck

I have checked through the forums about creating a card deck and found nothing of help.

I found the tutorial about card games to be very confusing at best. The cards are drawn to determine combat results in a game I am planning.

All I want to be able to do is the following;

  1. Create a card deck of 52 standard playing cards - I have png images for the cards and the back of the cards
  2. Be able to draw upto 4-cards at a time.
  3. Return those cards to the deck
  4. Reshuffle the deck

I’m sure it is not rocket-science but I am struggling.

I know how to make unit counters and I know about traits so I can create 52-cards (although I would rathe not have to create them all individually). It’s manipulating those cards which is proving to be the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


Try looking at this module in edit mode. A deck of 52 playing cards

Hi Tim.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have created the table and some of the cards.

The problem is that when I start a new game, the table appears but no stack of cards. If I right-click on the board and select flip or shuffle, the cards appear.

How do I get the face-down deck to appear on the table at start?


Sounds like a GPL Problem.


Or it could be a deck position problem. Can not tell with out seeing the module

I sorted it.

Turned out to be that I had not set the png image for the reverse face of the cards.

Now it’s working.

I have used a ‘Return to Deck’ trait on all the cards but this means that each individual card has to be right-clicked to return it to the deck. Is there a way of doing this globally so that all drawn cards are returned to the deck simultaneously?