Help creating new module - variant decks


First time Vassal user, greatly appreciating the utility this software provides!

I’m trying to create a module to test out a new game design. I’ve got the basic module working - it’s a board game with pieces and cards in decks.

Now I want to create a bunch of scenarios. Each scenario will have its own board, pieces and decks (some shared and some entirely new).

What’s the best way of organising this? I understand that you can easily set up multiple boards and choose them at start and then save out games with particular pieces set up on the board.

But how would you create a scenario that used different decks? Can they be turned on or off for a particular scenario? Should I put them in an extension instead?

Thanks for any help!

What I did for my module was to create a panel that had all the cards that could go into a specific deck. In that panel, I created decks of cards that could get shuffled into that deck and gave each deck a command that would send the contents of that deck to a different deck. I designated a different empty deck on the main map that could be filled with cards from the special panel.

I imagine that is what you would do if you were making a Dominion module. Have a special panel that had all of the selected cards and then send them to the main board.

Thanks for the idea - I’ll check it out.