Help for ovement trails

How can I incorporate turn on/turn off movement trail trait?
Is it possible to have a button for turning On/Off the movenent trails for all the units on the map?

If your movement trails are all toggled by the same Key Command, then you simply add a Global Key Command to the map triggering that Key Command.

Thank you! Can you help me about my first question?

I don’t understand the question. Here’s the documentation: Movement Trails

I do not think it is possible.
In the past I have made two start pages one with and one without movement trails. See my module Onslaught. Module:Onslaught - Vassal (
Now I use a method I found in one of Stuart Oliver’s modules. You can see it in my Breitenfeld module. Module:Breitenfeld - Vassal (
The movement trail is displayed but only one at a time. For PBEM the recipient will not see any movement trails unless they left click on a piece. This can be done any time up to clearing all the pieces on the map as “not moved”.
In the Movement Trail trait tick the boxes Trails start visible and Trails are visible to all players.
Selected unit trail transparency 100
Unselected unit trail transparency 0
This works for me.