Help for the completely uninformed

My apologies if this not an appropriate post. Someone suggested the Vassal may be a solution to a problem. I am trying to put operational training online for local volunteer bushfire firefighters. I want to run a tactical game as an online exercise. I want to be able to use a local map and have ‘players’ manage firefighting resources (fire attack vehicles, recce and command vehicles, water bombing aircraft, water supplies etc) as they attempt to control a spreading fire front. The game would be moderated/umpired. Is Vassal a suitable platform to develop this or is there some other platform that would be most suitable?

I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work.

There is also a game called Smokejumpers that simulates wildfire-type firefighting. Although it is a solitaire game and might not meet your criteria, it might be useful to get design ideas. There’s also a Vassal module for it.

That could potentially save you a lot of time if you can re-use the resources from that module. Ask for permission first, but most module developers will be happy to help.