Help getting sound to work (the way I want)

This is regards to the MonPoc module.
I want a dice sound when the dice are rolled.

Dice are represented on the playingfield by a game piece. And they are Rolled on a Ctrl R.
If i set up an Action button that triggers upon Ctrl R. Nothing happens (the dice still roll but no sound). If i change the trigger on the dice to alt R and let the button send that hot key it works, but if you right click th edice, it doesn’t say “ctrl R ROLL” its says “alt R ROLL”.

So What I ended up doing was setting the action button to trigger on ctrl E but I dont like having it that way. Also I would like to this to other objects on the playing field (destroying buildings and so on).

So How do I make it so that ctrl R triggers both the sound and the action on selected pieces and still keep the menu option (on a rightclick) the same.

MonPoc if you wanna see what I mean

Forgot to mention, that yes I can change the individual dice pieces (3 total) and each building. But that isn’t very practical. Every time I change a dice, i need to make new predefined setups for all 16 maps. And for buildings they are a part of a player setup, so all who have done Armies ahead of time and saved them, they have to redo them again. So I do not want to go that rout.


As I understand it, giving more than one property the same keyboard command causes issues.
What you need to do is use a Trigger Action with hotkey CTRL-R and a menu option Roll. It should perform two DIFFERENT keyboard shortcuts.
One of the keyboard shortcuts will cause the die to be rolled, and the other keyboard shortcut will cause the sound to be played.

Not everything has to be done with counter traits.

The best way to set it up is to create an ‘Multi-Action Button’ on the toolbar. A Multi-Action button is like a Trigger Action for components:- when it fires, it issues a series of Global HotKeys to other top-level components. You can use this to roll a dice, and then fire off an ‘Action Button’ to play the sound.

Action Buttons and Multi-Action buttons can be hidden by giving them a Hotkey, but no name or image.

If you want a counter action to roll the Die and play the sound, then you would use a ‘Global Hotkey’ trait to fire off the ‘Multi-Action’ button.


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