Help Global Property and St-Start Stack

Hello all,
after few years I’m back playing with Vassal and working on a module but have this problem:

I have a Global Property called P1hand with 2 hot keys to add 1 (ALT CTRL 1) and -1 (ALT CTRL 2) to count cards in player 1 hand,
then one At-Start Stack on the main map with traits in this order:

  • REPORT ACTION: all option empty except Report on these key…: ALT CTRL 3 and Report format = $PlayerName$ hand is FULL
  • TRIGGER ACTION: Menu and Keyboard Command empty, Trigger when…: {P1hand==7}, Perform: ALT CTRL 3
  • TEXT LABEL: Text= $P1hand$ (so i can check P1hand when player 1 draw/discard a card)

on Main Map I can see P1hand moves up to 7 but report don’t show up :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
can sameone help me??
Thank you!!!