Help, I'm Computer Clueless

Howdy Gents,

I’ve got one issue with two modules. How do you submit a module when you don’t know how to make a web page for them?

I was the fortunate recipient of a Gunslinger Module made to accommodate the new Gunslinger maps and that fixes the multiple elevation errors with the original Gunslinger Mod. Mike Carberry fixed the thing for me so my group of gunslinger players could use it with the instruction that “I made it for you, what you do with it is up to you”. With that said, I’ve got a much better module in my hands, as well as a demo mod, and a map extension for Gunslinger. HOW do I get it posted so others can access it and use it?

Same problem with the Guns of August module with the “Rails of August” map inserted into it. The original GOA map was an enormous mess. No one thought about drawing an accurate map with the historical rail lines. They just put dots on the map for the cities and drew lines between them for make believe rail lines. None of it was accurate. So, I fixed that nearly 30 years ago, but never knew how to insert the Rails of August map into the Vassal Mod. Well, I figured it out. BUT, HOW do I post the thing so players can access it?

Both these pages exist, therefore you do not need to add new webpages for these games. Just upload your files - note their version number in the upload comments and I will link them up for you if you dont know how

Where do I find the proper place to upload them? How do I do that once I’m there?

Go here

On the left side there is a menu. One of the options is “upload file” click that and go from there

The old Avalon Hill - Guns of August - Module page has disappeared in favor of the Worthington Guns of August game (same title, not the same game design).

The Guns of August Module Update I have is for the Avalon Hill Guns of August game.

Now what do I do?

Also, I’m getting this error message:

File extension “.vdmx” does not match the detected MIME type of the file (application/zip).

For this file:

Described as:
A set of new expansion maps and overlays for the new Gunslinger Mod

The AH game is listed under The Guns of August.
(Typically, common words like “The” and “A” should be ignored when making alphabetized lists. So, The Guns of August should really be listed as Guns of August, The.)
Can’t help you with the error message.

I took care of the error message. It was quite the adventure tracking down the error.

Well, let’s hope whoever the moderator is will put the files in their correct locations.


Excellent :slight_smile: Thank You ALL very much for your help. It is immensely appreciated.