Help making auto adjudication and auto cloning a unit

Hi. I am very new to the vassal engine (started a couple weeks ago for designing a game for work).

I have watched several videos and gone through several forums on here and have so far produced a good product. I am still trying to figure out two things though and would love someone’s help. If you write an answer please know I am new and need “dummified steps”

  1. How to automate all units on the main map with either a hot key or when you progress the turn counter to make a clone and then populate those clones onto a private map for each player. The point of this is that after each turn, the teams of players will have time to plan their next moves. Having the current map populate the positions and units from it to the private maps will give the teams a private window to wargame our their strategy without affecting the main game map. I have gone through a lot of different forums talking about different versions of automating but none hit this exactly and my trial and error failed.

  2. How to automate dice rolls between two stacks when they meet. In the game units stack up and when opposing stacks meeting you roll a single dice for each unit in the stack. The dice are different colors based on the color of the unit (green unit in stack rolls a green die while red rolls a red die). The units have no strength value. If a dice rolls a 6 then that team “destroys” one of the units in the other stack. Is there a way to automate this? So that when stacks meet they automatically roll die and then delete units based on results? Of even if I do have to hit the dice button, to have it roll all die required for that stack And the other stack and automatically delete based on results?

Sorry for the book. I really appreciate any and all help

I guess another question or option could be how to set up that if that unit is selected and I use the hot key to roll the corresponding dice and that side gets a 6, that a text message appears saying $playerside$ destroyed an enemy unit.
I keep trying to link trigger actions but it isn’t working for some reason. Just displays the dice roll but no following message