help making game

hello i have just started using vassal to put out my games.
i have done all of the tutorials and i have a few problems, mainly with the art side.
i don’t need it to look good or even look like anything at all but i can’t make the tokens and such with out some representation.
so if some one could either give me advise about where to go or what to do to make A) Cards B) Tokens C) player sheets and D) Hex tiles
thank you for helping :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you haven’t worked with graphics before?

Good place to start would be to grab a couple of the free graphics programs listed in the

Vassal FAQ’s

Under “Are there any free Graphics programs available?” and get use to using them.

I haven’t used any of these programs as I use a couple of “paid for” graphics programs (PhotoFiltre Studio and Adobe Image Ready) so I can’t give you any advice as far as which one is better over the others but I’d look for one that supports graphic layers.

A graphics layer capability makes it easy to create game pieces with dynamic properties …like the number of units or hit points displayed on a counter, for example.

Also, I strongly suggest sticking to a .PNG format for all your graphics. They simply work best in Vassal with a minimum of problems.

alright i will play around with those and see what happens