Help Me! + Some Function

Hello, I need some help for the option “Mouse-over Stack Viewer”.
In the area that I have highlighted I am shown this option that I would like to exploit.

Includes Individual Pieces: Offers 4 options -

  1. from top-most layer only
  2. from all layes
  3. from listed layers only
  4. from layers other than those listed

This thing is freaking me out, because I don’t understand how it works and besides, looking at the guide by pressing “Help” no results come out about it.

I’m interested in “from listed layers only”. If I have not misunderstood this option should only be able to display a specific Layer when hovering over it. Here, where I have to add this “Layer”. In my “Pieces”? Because if that were the case, I would just need to add the Layer Option and I’m fine. (See example alongside)
What should I write in the “Listed layers” section?
I added a “Layer” in the Basic Piece called “Effect Layer” (named like this to show the effects of a certain card)
In the “Listed layers” section I wrote “Effect Layer” but when I save and try to check if ONLY the effect is displayed, nothing happens.

If you haven’t figured that out yet, I’m only interested in showing a card’s effect and not the card itself.

Could anyone help me? Or if you also have an alternative method I would be more happy (what I want to avoid is to make each card with Photoshop / Gimp writing the effects)

Second thing. Being that I am creating various modules for card games I would like to ask if it was possible to add the “Send report format” function also for “Allow specific cards to be drawn”. Because, if you have never used this function, any person could put various cards on top of the deck and his opponent would not even notice it since no message appears in the chat

Or, I also ask if anyone knows any modules for card games that I could possibly take inspiration from.

Hopefully this may help a little.

There are at least 2 completely different meanings for the term “layer” in VASSAL, and as palad0n already pointed out, you’re trying to use the wrong one.

Not sure why the Help button isn’t working, but here’s a link to the appropriate page in the online Reference Manual.

First option: the Deck component includes an option Dropped counters must match expression:, which you could use to prevent cards from being dropped back onto the deck.

2nd option: the Map Window component includes an option Key Command to apply to all units ending movement on this map: You can use this to trigger a report on cards when they are dropped on the map (which should include dropping the card on a deck placed on the map). If it’s normal to drop cards elsewhere on the map, and you only want to report when they’re dropped on the deck, use this to trigger a Trigger Action trait, which can check if DeckName=<whatever> (or {DeckName == "<whatever>"} if you prefer BeanShell syntax) and only trigger a report when that matches.

I thought I’d add a little to the other responses. It sounds like you want the mouseover viewer to display only a layer (trait) from a piece instead of the piece itself. Well, there isn’t a chance in hell that will work. Mouseover shows pieces, not piece fragments.

You went astray because you thought the Layers that mouseover talks about were layer traits. Not so. It’s talking about MAP layers. Unfortunately Vassal uses the same word Layer to refer to two very different things.

If you don’t know what a map layer is, then stop everything and find out. I think it’s important to module design. Start by editing your module and scrolling down from you main map until you see a game piece Layers element. That’s what you need to understand. If you don’t, then some day a player is going to complain that their pieces have disappeared, and they will turn up buried under other pieces.

@RedLord I just realized I misread the 2nd part of your question; you want a report for when people use the “Allow specific cards to be drawn” feature. I agree that that could be useful, but it should go in the Feature Requests forum, not Module Design.

For now, I would recommend leaving that option turned off once you’re done debugging the module; if you really need the ability for people to draw specific cards in play, you can instead set up a static piece with an Action Button that triggers a Global Key Command to draw a specific card (and report that draw).

Can you explain to me how to add the Action Button and everything?