help me!!!!

Hello, just learned Julius Caesar and looking to practice on Vassal. Let me know what times may work for you. I can generally make weekends and after 6:30 PM EST weekdays work for me. Thanks!

Hey how goes it?

I am rather new to playing vassal online as well but always willing to make it work. I played 3 times and enjoyed it. I never played Caesar but if you got the patience I can learn rather quickly.

I’m central time (Wisconsin) so your just a hour ahead of me which is cool and fairly flexible as to playing times

And of course I play a lot of games from Avalon Hill, GMT blaa blaa and if your interested be great to play whatever you like.

If you are intrested just email me at

Greetings. I live on the east coast. I do not know if you are still interested in playing Julius Caesar. If so I am interested in playing a nice slow friendly play by email game. Let me know. Jerry.