Help needed loading a .MDX file.

  • Model PC
  • Operating System Windows 10, 64 bit
  • CPU Intel core i7-3930K CPU @3.2ghz
  • Memory 32 GB
  • Video Card NVidia GeForce GTX Titan
  • Vassal version. (Go to Help and select About VASSAL) 3.2.17
  • Java version. Get it here Version 8, Update 144
  • Vassal module name and version Corsair Leader

When I purchased the module it comes with a .MDX file, how do I open / use this file so I can play it in Vassal?


Launch VASSAL. In the Module library view, right-click the name of the module this file goes with, and choose “Add Extension…” Navigate to this .mdx file (this is a deprecated extension, module extensions should use .vmdx) and select it.