Help on a Vassal Module - SPI War of the Ring

Hi, I have encountered a problem which I am baffled on how to fix regarding a module I come across on the Internet. I am a newbie using Vassal and hope someone can help me diagnose. The module is the old SPI War of the Ring. The way that is it created it started with 6 counters (Servant of Sauron) facing down. Each of the 6 correspond to 1 card in a deck of 6 cards. When you right click, it will reveal 1 of the 6 cards randomly. This will create a randomize encounter for each new game.

For some reason, one of the six, when clicked, it would disappear and would not reveal any cards but the rest of the 5 are performing as expected. I see that each of the initially face down hidden counter all have the proper reference to the activator and that the activator would randomly pick one of the 6 cards to reveal. Only one in the misty passes do not replace the card.

Any suggestion how I can fix this? I am sorry I am not very good at describing and let me know how I can be more descriptive to diagnose the issue. Thank you in advance.