help please terrain pieces that do not hide for hide pieces?

okay pretty sure I am just missing something easy here, but…

I have a module ( with “pieces” for terrain. I have managed how to get them to be unstacked and restricted to the scenario designer so I do not expect them to mess up normal play.

But… when I click the “hide pieces” window to show the underlying terrain on a map… of course… this hides my terrain pieces too.


Must be a simple way around this I messed up. Any ideas?

The first thing that occurs to me is to define ‘layers’ on your map, one for regular pieces and one for the terrain pieces. You can then define buttons that hide particular layers (e.g. just hide the top ‘pieces’ layer).

Been long enough that I can’t remember more particulars (or the proper names), but that’s what you’re looking for.

okay that did it just fine. I knew it had to be something simple like that.

of course, now I have to go and re-create all those 50 or so units again for the scenario, but I had to already do that anyway at some point.


Add it to a prototype, add the prototype to all the pieces, and the next time something like this comes up, you just have to update the prototype (and pull the pieces again for the setup…). Trust me, it helps a lot. :slight_smile:

Oh that is exactly how it is done believe me!

But the problem is that little bit of a statement…
“pull the pieces again for the setup”
(in my game when you pull the piece as the scenario designer you are pulling a generic piece which requires a lot of tweaking of fators and names etc to become the final playing piece - it is no huge thing but a couple hours to go thru and do all the pieces for a small scenario like Granicus all over again - that is why I picked that battle to start with and why I am waiting until I feel comfortable with the decreased likelihood of another piece overhaul)

and it is entertaining to chuckle at my re-learning again of some corollary of Murphy’s Law… “oh I am sure the piece definitions are set in stone now, what could go wrong?”

anyhow, thanks for the map layer pointer - the info is there it is just like so many things you need the trail head to find it and, the first time through, the huge help button is not always enough of a lead-in on its own if you just plain have no idea what you are looking for until you find it.