Help with a draw mechanic

vassal gurus, I need some help. Let me enplane what happens in game and I’m hoping you guys can point me in the right direction for how do code this mechanic. In game, players put a number of dice in to a bag or cup. The number of dice each player puts in the pool equals the number of units that player has on the board currently, so it will differ turn to turn. Each player has a unique color of die so you know who’s is who’s when drawn. After the dice are placed in the bag or cup each player takes turns drawing one die. If the player 1’s die is drawn he can activate anyone of his units on the board and the same if player 2’s die is drawn. This continues until all the dice have been drawn. The turn is then over and the players count their units on the board and the process is repeated for turn two.

I hope that was clear enough for you all to help or point me in the right direction on how to do this.


I am not a vassal guru by any means but I may be able to help get you going. If I understand your game module correctly…

You could try creating your dice as game pieces within a deck. One deck for each player and a final empty deck to act as the “pool”.

This would allow you to be able to keep each players dice separate and organized and then allow a player to pull any number of dice they would like from their pile and place them into the empty “pool” deck. Once all pieces are placed you can have the deck set to “Always Reshuffle” so that you always pull a random dice. Once the turn is over you can create a button that says “End Turn” or whatever you want that will send a hot key to tell the dice to return to their respective decks.

I believe all of those techniques are covered in the Vassal documentation but if you need further help there is a step by step tutorial on how to create these effects if you Youtube “Vassal 101 Tutorials”. Also I can help you set up these features if you would like a more direct help approach.

Hope this is enlightening.