Help with a Warhammer Fantasy Battle Module

I am almost finished with the mechanics of the warhammer fantasy battle module, all I need is artwork and some veteran vassal module developers to help with some bugs.

I am currently working with the Vassal40k team, but they are busy working on other modules for now so I’m really on my own with this.

If you wanna help post here and let me know which part your interested in helping with.

I have the pivoting and grouping finished, I just need to work out a few kinks and make the module look more official.

I also have the rulers, the scale, the bases, the dice, a basic battlefield; a lot it already done thanks to the completeness of the V40k module which is where I got all of the current art from and the fighting chaos module which had the grouping and group rotation system.

Currently I want to make two armies, dwarfs and goblins (based on the Battle for Skull Pass) I own the boxed set with all the miniatures unpainted, so if you need any pictures to help you let me know.

If you want to do the art I will send you the proper sizes for the bases.
If you want to help with the development I will send you the module.

I’ll help you out if you want.
Check your pm

I’d love to help with sprites.
don’t know how much help I’ll be but if we get this done quickly I can incorporate it into my onlin WFB game over MW

I can offer my graphic skillto this projevt, i am very interested also in creting such vrsion of WFB< Sorry for my bad eanglish, i am from poland ;)

I would be VERY interested in this if we could get it up and running, but it should be known that this will have to be a word of mouth module - GW already took action against the Vassal40k Module that was made and shut down its distribution site.