Help with Gloomhaven Please

So I am still pretty much a newbie with VASSAL despite having an account for a long long time lol

I’ve loaded up the Gloomhaven module with all the extensions. Used the most recent 3.1 versions.

I have been following the quick guide instructions included on the module page. I get online, and create a room, but once I hit new game, it seems to totally freeze up.

I do see error messages when getting online with conflicts with some of the extensions.

Extension Gloomhaven_Forgotten_Circles_3.0 conflicts with previously loaded Forgotten_Circles_Hero_3.0


Gloomhaven_Scenarios_4P_3.1 conflicts with previously loaded Gloomhaven_Scenarios_3.1

I am sure it is probably something easy and stupid I am missing, but thought I’d post to see what those with more experience think.


Gloomhaven Heroes and the 2p Scenarios Extension is all you need to play the core game. So you will need to remove the rest. Then everything should work fine.


Thanks for the reply!