Help with Peer to Peer

Hey all,

I’m new to Vassal, downloaded version 3.4.12 just a couple of days ago and tried it with a friend. We have successfully managed to create a P2P game and connect, but neither of us manages to sync with the other.

When we try to sync, logs tell us that data is being sent, but it never goes further than that. The map does not appear, there is no change in the client that is getting synced to the “host”.

We tried with the Eldritch Horror v1.9.1 module, if that helps.

Thanks for any help you might have.

PS : Our way of setting up the game is the “host” goes online, sets up P2P and the new game. Then, as we did not find an “invite” button we simply use the “Connect” found in the server options. And all of that seems to be working as we then can see each other in the game room.

I’d suggest using the public game server instead if you’re having a problem getting P2P to work.