I Created a module, but every time i load a map peice while i am test playing it, it appears blank! WHy?

Now i can select my map at all!

Hi Yuri,

I have been trying to hack into your computer to work out what you are doing, but I don’t know who youare. I am going to try reading your mind next, but I don’t have great hopes of that working either.

Perhaps if you where to provide a link to your module and some information like which version of Vassal you are using, you might get a response and some help.

Comments like ‘Vassal doesn’t work, why?’ are completely pointless. There are plenty of people willing help you, but you need to help yourself by providing enough information for proplr to work on.


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If a piece is blank, it could be that the image for it is missing or has been overwritten. Note that VASSAL can only have a single image with a given name in the module. If you add two different images from your computer with the same name, the last one wins.


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