Here I Stand 6th player wanted

We are a group of Here I Stand fans who just finished a game using the VASSAL platform. Most of us have several Here I Stand and several VASSAL experiences under our belts. Now we would like to play again but need to find an extra player.

A prospective players should be fairly well-versed in Here I Stand rules, be pleasant to play with, and (barring emergencies, vacation, or similar) be able to complete their turn within about 2 days of their impulse coming up.


Have factions been assigned yet? It would help to know…

OK, I’ll give it a go…I’ll take any faction Except England, I have no preference other than that. I’m in a game already as England, and I find it too confusing to play the same faction in two different games. I can usually post up a vlog within a day (next day) almost always within two. On rare occasions I’ll miss a notification or something and it stretches to three. Longer than that, it’s Vacation, etc.


Welcome to the game milsimmer. I will PM you so I can get your email and get things started.

Thread is closed as we have six players