Here I Stand Independent key control

Currently running into a problem not listed in HIS Vassal documentation.

Habsburgs have taken Metz a few turns ago. I, Protestants, converted the space to Prots, and flipped it. However, I noticed that the Habsburgs marker was still Catholic.

I checked: the Habsburgs marker was on top of the independent key marker; I had converted the independent marker. I kept trying to grab the independent key and move it; wouldn’t budge. R-clicking only offered option to convert it, unlike the other control markers in the game, where you had the option to change who controlled it.

I suggested the Habsburg player try to move it or r-click; he said he couldn’t do anything with it either.

So: any ideas?

All independent keys are covered by fixed pieces. Right-click the independent SCM on Metz to change it back to Catholic and it will “disappear” (i.e., the fixed layer will be changed to the level with no image). Place the Hapsburg SCM. If your count is now off by 1 (probably), move the Protestant Spaces marker manually to the appropriate box on the Religious Struggle display.

As an aside, emailing me directly (address is in the Help doc) is the best way to get module support. I only check this forum sporadically and just happened to do so today.