Here I Stand player wanted

HIS fans,

We are a group of five Here I Stand fans who just finished a game using the VASSAL platform. Most of us have several Here I Stand and several VASSAL experiences under our belts. Now we would like to play again but need to find a sixth player to replace someone who decided not to join for another play.

A prospective players should be fairly well-versed in Here I Stand rules, be pleasant to play with, and (barring emergencies, vacation, or similar) be able to complete their turn within about 2 days of their impulse coming up.



It’s while since I played this, and I’m assuming that you don’t play live. Can I ask how a turn plays out as from what I recall each turn is fairly interactive with options to play cards in response. What stops the game from grinding to a halt?


Yes, we play using a PBEM format. Turns move reasonably well, with some slowdowns for holidays or if one player has life events to deal with. The best way to answer your question is with a section of the “HIS Procedures” that we use to help games run smoothly:

"6. Avoiding unnecessary pauses when interceptions are possible

. A good way to avoid unnecessary pauses is to assume anyone who can intercept or avoid battle will, and rolling their interception/evasion. Then only if the interception/evasion is successful do you pause and ask them if they want to. Otherwise you can keep going with your turn.

This only applies in simple cases where only one stack can intercept. If multiple stacks can intercept, then it might matter which order they’re resolved in and whether any previous interceptions were successful so you need to pause and let them decide how to resolve them.

  1. Interrupting another players turn with a response card
  • Keep the process here similar to a live game
  • As soon as you read to the appropriate place in the logfile where you would play the response card stop reading that logfile and reply to the email thread with your response. We will handle the response event, rewinding gameplay as needed. Normally, you will wait until your impulse to actually discard the response card (to minimize the number of game files).

A good VQ example is if France plays their home card to flip Protestant spaces back to Catholic. If the Protestant player has the Jeanne of Navarre card, he should decide whether to cancel the French home card WITHOUT reading ahead to see how effective the Governante de France dice roll was (as he would not have this knowledge in a live game)."

You will see that we place some trust in each other not to cheat by “reading ahead”. And, quite frankly, any combination of tools used to prevent the possibility of cheating (if that is even possible) would make the game grind to a halt. We don’t have (nor do we want) any “rules lawyer” types so between those two things this system works fairly well.

Thanks for the question and please let me know if you have others.

This thread has gotten a good number of views. Is anyone interested in playing HIS PBEM via VASSAL?

We found a sixth player. If you would like me to have your email to contact you about the next HIS or VQ game we start feel free to leave a message in this thread.

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