Here I Stand v2 - Barbarossa ?

Barbary Pirates didn’t bring Barbarossa on board but neither could we find him in the palettes.

Did we do something wrong or is there an issue ?

I put my email address in my module help so people don’t have to cast out into the void hoping to get solutions. Yesterday I was alerted to this by a CSW post, and I surmise that you might be involved in a game with that individual.

Summarizing my email to him, I confirmed that indeed somehow this piece is missing from the 1517 Scenario, which is absolutely staggering to me because it’s not deletable, but the error exists nonetheless. Yesterday evening I re-uploaded the module file and it has now passed through wiki moderation, so my recommendation is to re-download it. I am awaiting an email reply from that individual to see if my offer to fix his (your?) saved game will be taken up.

I apologize profusely for the error, and I’m very disappointed to have made it (while still completely bamboozled about how it was possible in the first place).

Hi Joel, no problem, we carried on fine using the independent leader as a proxy. I will pass the news on - i think we are likely a different game from the CSW one.

Also, I know you use the forum a lot, hence didn’t think to go via the email route.

Thank you!


Well, Barbarossa is certainly there on the Turn track, so unless something went wrong later, I guess someone accidentally deleted him.

I rescued the existing game by creating a temp version with a copy of Barbarossa in a palette and dragging that to the map, then resaving the file.


The reason I am perplexed is that the piece is not capable of being deleted. It can only be replaced by the Dragut piece, so even if I had accidentally done that somehow (not really possible when building the 1517 Scenario predefined setup), the Dragut piece should be on the map. Nevertheless, somehow neither piece was present at all in the 1517 setup from initial posting on November 12 until I replaced the module file on December 10.

It might not be deleted; it may be hiding. It might have moved off the left side or top edge of a map. This can happen if a player moves a piece and is unaware that they have group-selected the missing piece. An inventory window often can help here.

Indeed; in particular, an inventory window that reports location information. I found this really useful in helping with my own debugging recently.