Here I Stand

Looking for 5 more to play Here I Stand. Anyone interested?

I’d be up for it … through I am locationally undesireable being on the west coast.

I was about to post one of these myself. I’m definitely in.

Count me in as well.

Guess we need two more and we can start

If you all are still looking for a player, I’d be in.

That is 5… One more and I will contact everyone…

I’m not volunteering to play, but as the module maintainer I’d like to encourage you all to contact me with any suggested improvements or bugs/errors. My email address is right at the top of the “How to Use This Module” document in the Help menu (after starting the module).

So far all the modifications I’ve done have been based on play with my normal PBEM group, so getting feedback from a wider audience will probably be helpful.

I would actually like to partake, but I´ve never played it before, only ever read the instructions. You know, now that I think about it, I can only join beginning from August 1st onwards. Damn. Well, if you haven´t started then, I´d like to partake ;)

I would like to play if you are still looking for a player. I played my first game FTF this past weekend. I am getting reacquainted with VASSAL (I played ASL on it years ago).

If you think an Italian player suits for you, I’m available to start playing HIS.


Since we have a wide variety of Time Zones I guess we need to do this via PBEM.  If anyone has experience with this module and can get us started on how to get everyone into a PBEM game, I would appreciate the assistance.  I play on Vassal all the time, but always live.

My email is:

Recommend those who still want to play post their email here. Also, is anyone willing to play this live anytime during the weekend?

My email is jayouzts725 AT gmail DOT COM.

I am in Jackson, MS, -6 GMT.

I would be willing to be play a live game one weekend, although this weekend is not good.

As for PBEM, the best way I know how is for one player to start a new offline game. When you do that, it will prompt you for a name and password, then let you pick a side. Send a file to the next player, and repeat until all have chosen. The files will automatically check the password against the one on your local machine when you open it again.

My email is jsappel AT

I’m in -5 GMT

I’m available most weekends for live play. I’ve done this game both tabletop and pbem a before, but using ACTS and cyberboard instead of vassal.

Does anyone have a preference on who to play? If you haven’t played yet I recommend Ottoman or England, I think they’re the least complicated.

Once everyone’s email is up here we should move this off the forum.

My email is ricomaurer at YaHoo. I’m free after 6 pm on Sundays or Friday during the morning and afternoon.

Do you mind to let me play as Ottoman? I’m a newbie…My email is: stefano.cuccurullo at
I can play during week’s evening starting from 21 (GMT+1, Summer time). I’m on Skype too. I suggest to play just by VASSAL module (I mean: let’s forget about ACTS dicerolling program), I think its dicebot can be devastating for play balance, but we know that “devastating” is referred to our own’s luck meaning concept, ain’t it?..:slight_smile:


I started the game.
Kevin - Ottoman
Joe - Hapsburg
Mr. Misfit (herrrheimlich) - England
Jay - France
Rick - Papacy
Ed - Protestant

If anyone is interested in being on a wait list in case someone drops, lmk.

I still maintain, we should have gone for a livegame :wink: