Heroquest Bug Fixes?

For starters YAY! for making this game happen! My game group is all in California and I’m now in Minnesota. And we can still play together! The figures look awesome and the board is perfect! THANK YOU!!!

So my sister and I ran a game today and ran into a few bugs. Not sure if it was user error, or we missed something, but these are the problems we had:

  • Player 1 (my sis) could see the Treasure Card deck, but could not drag and drop them onto the board. When the DM (me) pulled a card onto the board, I could see them, text showed up in the chat log saying “DM has put Gem card on the HQ board” or Heroic Brew or gold, but Player 1 could not acutually see the card. I could see it, but she couldn’t. Player 1 could reset/shuffle the Treasure Card deck, but could not actually see or drag/drop the cards themselves.

  • GM put treasure cards into the inventory of Player 1. Player 1 could not see this card.

  • GM made a preset map with all doors, monsters, furniture and walls in place and invisible prior to Player 1 joining the server room/game. The stairs and closed door to the first room were visible. When Player 1 joined the game, she could not see the stairs or first closed door (even though they were visible to GM and marked as visible). When GM made doors/monsters/furniture/walls visible, Player 1 could still not see them. When GM put another invisible set of items onto the board (after Player 1 was already part of the game), she could see the 2nd set of doors/monsters/etc.

  • Players & GM need the ability to roll 1 red die in the event of Plate Mail or spells. Currently only able to roll 2 red dice.

  • GM preset a Barbarian character before Player 1 joined the game. GM put weapons, armor, and spells in the inventory of the character. When Player 1 joined the game, she could not see any of the preset items or her preset character. She had to make a new character and put all weapons/armor/spells in her inventory again.