Hex grid triggers for irregular shape pieces

I have hex terrain, and I have right-click commands for the terrain that changes the terrain’s status.

The next step was right-click commands that also affect terrain identical in type and status at range 1. This is easy.

Next was making sure that every possible other player action that could affect the terrain’s status is accounted for, to make sure terrain status isn’t changed by a range 1 commandwhen it shouldn’t be. This mostly involves setting and resetting dynamic properties of the terrain when a player decides to change where they placed a piece by dragging and dropping to another location. This seems easy enough using New/OldLocation, global properties, and global key commands.

My problem is pieces that have a size of exactly two hexes.

Up until now I have them as single hex pieces with 6 layers for “rotation” so they look like they are covering 2 hexes.

Is there any way that I could make such pieces change the status of both hexes of terrain they are “on”, when placed, moved, removed by drag and drop, or rotated?

I’m thinking a GKC to new location, a GKC to old location, a GKC based on layer, a global property for new location, a global property for old location, a global property for layer “direction”, and a calculation to determine a global property for hexes adjacent to the new and old locations, then GKCs targeted to all four affected hexes based on those global properties.

So, in that calculation, facing “1” (vertically down) would add one to the vertical number indicator of the hex locations.

I’m not really up to speed on how to write such a calculation. Would I need the hexes to be simple numbers without hyphens, so 0101 is above 0201 and the calculation would add 100 to the hex “number”? Would that keep the leading 0 in the result? Or do I need to modify parts of strings in a way that I’m not sure how to do?

Or is there a better way to implement 2-hex pieces that gives them a real presence in both hexes?