Hex numbers in Inventory window?


Quick question, is there a way to have the hex numbers listed with the units in the Inventory window? I tried using the ‘gridLocation’ Property in the ‘Label for Pieces’ field but that didn’t work.


I put locations in an inventory window in the Flying Colors module, so it is possible. Try LocationName rather than gridLocation.

Thanks, I will check it out.

OK, so that worked, I now have hex locations next to each marker. Thanks!

What I would really like to do is have a button (I assume a Global Key Command) that would count and report the value of ‘resource points’ each marker is worth. (I assigned this value using the Marker trait, see example)

here is my incomplete GKC, I’m sure I’m missing a step or two

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You could do that, for example, with GKC activating a report trait on each piece that you want to count. Have you considered doing that report in the inventory instead?

Doing it in the Inventory would be fine, not sure how to do that?

You can make the name of the piece in an inventory be any kind of reporting expression, and you can sum categories by the reporting structure that you define in the inventory.

A simple example of this type of inventory can be found in the Commands & Colors: Napoleonics version 3.42. The inventory just gives a count of cards by type.

OK, I will check it out.