hex to Lat/long converter for use with Google Earth

For all those games that have real world maps (especially hex based games) it is nice to go look on Google maps to see what the terrain looks like today. A neat feature that would make this much easier would be adding a tool in VASSAL that provides the ability to enter the lat/long for two or three hexes on a map and then have it compute the lat/long for any other hex on request. If it loaded up the copy, cut and paste clipboard with the lat/long in the Google Earth (and Google Maps) format then one could go and paste that into Google Earth/Maps and in short order see where that game hex is as a push pin.

Even cooler would be if it could draw the hex in Google Earth (using KML files). But that would be extra… and a bit harder to do.

BTW, I used to know a whiz at KML files that would I am sure know how to do that, but he has long since moved away. But from working with him I know the latter can be done… that is if there are any other KML whiz out there that who also knows how.

this would also be a very handy feature if one were building a map. For one could build a row, load it into Vassal, and then go see where the adjacent hexes are to the ones already built.