hexagonal unit counter help

I’ve hit a bit of a dead end and wanted to see if the pros here could point me in the right direction.

I’m working a playtest module for a tactical level wargame that uses 6 sided hexagonal unit counters. The maps for the various scenarios in the playtest materials sometimes have a sideways hex grid and sometimes have a regular top to bottom hex grid. So depending on the scenario, the units will not be oriented inside the hex correctly and,when rotated, do not snap to the hex vertices.

I have been looking for a trait/property that will snap the unit to fit inside the hex automatically, but I cannot find this. Can this be fixed just by defining traits/properties or will this require some fancy Java scripts, etc.?

Can you set your pieces to have 12 rotation facings and then rotate them appropriately for your scenario? Once you align them to your hex grid you would then just rotate the unit twice each time it rotates to keep it aligned.

It looks like that will do the trick, thank you!

I also tried rotating the map, but that doesn’t look as good.