Hey, new player looking for opponent !

Hey, everyone! I very new to VASSAL engine, but not new to board games world. I wish to find someone with patience for newbie : )
I can play Terraforming Mars, Command and Color Modules (Ancients, Napoleon, Battlelore, etc), right now, but - really - open for new games and experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

Iā€™d be interested in U. S. Civil War. A GMT game similar to VGā€™s American Civil War. Do you have it? If not, and you need help with the rules, I can do that. The module is on Vassal, but no rules. I can help there. If interested reply to vikingvii@hotmail.com. Anxious to hear from you.

I am up for a GDW game (the Series 120 games are great), Decision Games - just let me know - pjhansen@ufl.edu