Hi and some questions

Hi Everyone im new,
first thank you for vassal!
second, i am building a module for a game of mine about the napoleonic period and i have some problems:

  1. units are rapresented as a rectangular shape on the board, i had to find a way to display the change formation of those units and i have done that adding a layer that is showed right to the main shape, so good so far but when i try to rotate the piece i havn’t found where to specify the center of the retation.
  2. derived from the first issue i want to display a arch of fire the problem is that this arch have to take account of the changed shape (because every formation has a different width), is it possible to link the formation in which the unit are to the arch of fire displayed?
  3. Is there the possibility to change the timer elapsed before the popup showing the actual image is displayed?
  4. Is there a way to show in the popup mentioned before a different image from the one the mouse is over?

Thank in advance


Take a look at the feature request threads recently, there is one in particular that relates to this which is along the lines of a minatures game somewhat.

I think it would be great for Vassal to allow rotation around a corner instead of the center, and to be able to place arc lines etc and make measurement of moves.

(and I would note that you may be able to do something that combines rotation with translation to achieve the same effect)

You can look at the DBV module, I expect if it could be implemented it would appear there fairly soon thereafter.

I suspect a savvy person could do all that with custom Java code right now but I believe we are still awaiting to see wether (or if) it will be included in the basic Vassal module design process.

And I will look forward to your module design, sounds great!