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Here I am again asking a question that is probably very easy to answer. :blush: The game module that I am building has one player draw random combat units from a pool. The unit combat value is not known to anyone until the unit is attacked. It is then flipped over to show it combat values. Can this be done in Vassal? The unit pool that these combat units are pulled from has a limited number of counters (about 25) and they are all different.


On Feb 10, 2008, at 9:56 PM, whitejd wrote:

Sure. Just use two layers and treat this the same way you would any
two-sided counter. You could probably easily arrange for the flip to
be permanent by just including the command to change the layer in one
direction and not the other.

For drawing from the pool, you probably want to put the counters into
a deck. If the counters can return to the deck, you may want to have
it automatically shuffle when a counter is returned. That will always
give you are random counter.

If you need an example, you could look at the Silent War module from
Compass Games, since it uses this technique to great effect on their
battle board. The module itself is fairly complicated though, so it
may not be the best teaching example. (<http://www.compassgames.com/downloads/SWvassal.zip

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