Hidden dice rolls

Is there any way to simulate this?

If you don’t give a dice roll a Button Text or Button Icon and you don’t include them in a toolbar menu, then they can only be activated by the hotkey you give them and, therefore, they would be hidden.

But in that way, would the roll be hidden for the opponent?

You could simulate a die with a unit that has 6 layers on a hidden map and then use a key to randomize the layer.

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It would be hidden from everybody. By not using a Button Text or Icon and not including it in a menu, you’re basically just rolling the die to get the variable $foo_result$.

For example: If you have a Dice named D4, and you’ve given it the hotkey CTRL 4, then when the CTRL 4 is executed, the die will create the result $D4_result$. You can then use that result however you like and if it’s not Reported, no one is going to know the result is.

I make heavy use of this type of process in TBK to create random events. I use the results to determine the type of event that will occur but I don’t specifically report the die rolls to the players.