Hide button

Would you explain to me how to put the hide button(The button that looks like a globe and hides all the pieces so you can see the map) in a vassal module. I have never worked on a module before and figure it is about time I learned how to.


Yep, should be easy-peasy :slight_smile:

(1) Open the module for Edit
(2) In the editing window, browse down to the first “Map” or “Main Map” entry.
(3) Right-click on that entry and select “Add Hide Pieces Button”
(4) Fill in the blanks. (If you want the globe icons and don’t have them you can go fish the images out of some other module you’ve seen them in – .VMOD files are really just renamed .ZIP files; you can also just use “text” buttons at first if you want to just test)
(5) Click okay and save your module

Should be good to go! Welcome to the wonderful and addictive world of making Vassal modules better!!


p.s. the “Design” forum gets more traffic from module-building types, for questions, ideas, etc.

Sure–this is a Map Window level feature. In the Editor, expand the node representing the Map Window on which you’d like to hide all pieces. If a “Hide Pieces Button” is not already present, you want to right-click the Map Window node itself and choose “Add Hide Pieces Button”. Then you can configure the button text (if you want any) and the images for the two states of the button (or just accept the default images).

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 10.24.14 AM.png[/attachment]

Cool. I put the hide button in. Thank you. Now for more.