Hide Deck to other player


I’m working on an improvement of the Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game modul.

In the original modul version (2.7) you only choose between player 1-4 when joining a game. You then open a “map” for the deck you play, i.g. Human.
But all other players can look at your cards. I think this is because the deck (“map”) is not limited to one player.

Is it possible to limit such a deck to one player? Can i assign suh a deck to a specific player after the game is open (so after choosing which player I am?

Thanks alot, Tom

instead of a map component, put the deck in a private window or player hand that is only accessible by the player side you specify (i.e human, orc etc…)

Hmm… I don’t know if you get it right.

  1. When joining a game each players uses a Player from 1 to 4 and now is Player 1, Player 2, Player 3 or Player 4.
  2. Now the races are randomly chosen with an randomizer in the Teams and Tokens Deck.
  3. Then you open your drawn deck.

And here is the problem. The deck can be open by every player and all can see the cards that are in this “hand”.

Can I assign the race after loading the game to one specific player? Is this possible?

I think your method is for assigning when joining. Or am I false?

I have to specify my intention.

I will have the possibility to look at other players window but only see how many cards he have drawn but for me face down and i will also see the deck (face down) and discard pile (face up).

Can I create such a thing?

Yes if you look at player hands/private windows there is an option “Visible to all players”. Provided you set your masks on your cards properly should be no problem

Hmm… I think you all did not get what I wish to.

I will assign i.e. Orcs to Player 1. But this have to be after players have chosen which player they are (1-4) and after we have randomly selected who plays which race. So after the table is loaded.

Is this possible or not?