Hiding a delayed note


Long version: So I’m making my own Dune module. It has this feature called ‘traitors’. In short, in battle, both sides will use a general to boost the strength of their armies. However, one of the leaders might just be in the pay of the enemy. This is decided at the start of the game, where everyone picks out a leader whose name will be noted and kept secret until the time is ripe to reveal this.

The best way to implement this would be a delayed note. Once the traitor needs to come out of hiding, the Reveal-button will be hit, showing that the name of the treacherous leader in the player’s pay. That’s all well and fine, but wouldn’t it be awesome to hide this note again? The fool might actually use the traitor twice against the same opponent. Is this possible?

Short version: Is it possible to hide a revealed Delayed Note?

Sounds like the easiest way to accomplish this would be to have a card (in a hidden window) that reveals the traitor when the reveal button is clicked. The card would have a Text Label trait that would display the value of a Global Property that’s used to hold the name of the traitor. The card can then be sent back to the hidden window. Once it’s gone, no one would know the value of the Global Property until the card is revealed again.

Thank you for the response. How would I go about giving the “reveal” button instructions to do that? The Notes window isn’t exactly customizable.

No, you don’t want to use notes for something like this. Notes may be fine for players to keep private notes during the game but, you can’t manipulate notes. So, using it as a game tool is not wise. There are plenty of other ways this can be done.

Can you send me the module? You can send it via E-mail, upload it to MediaFire and send me a link, or if you have an FTP program, you can upload it to my FTP Upload directory (anonymous login).

If not, I can put a sample mod together that does something similar to what you want.

I have uploaded it to your FTP.
I don’t know how familiar you are with the Dune AH game, but if you need context, please, do give a shout.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Ok. I’ve got it. I’ll take a look at it and get back to you.

Something funky happened when I downloaded it and it screwed up the file. Could you re-upload it?


Of course. It has been done. :slight_smile: