Hiding Map Windows

Here’s what works:

I have a series of map windows for merchants. Each window contains a stack of items (cards) that the merchant has for sale and a review area where players can spread out and examine the merchandise.

I have a global hot key attached to each merchant window and, when a player right-clicks the merchant and selects Description, the window for that merchant opens up. The windows are also available in a Toolbar Menu labeled Merchants.

Everything is working perfectly when setup in this fashion.

Here’s my problem:

I’m trying to get rid of some of my Toolbar Menu Options. Many of the items currently in a toolbar menu are available by right clicking various pieces so the menu items are unnecessary.

Concerning the Merchants above, here’s the problem I’ve had trying to accomplish this.

First, I simply removed the Toolbar Menu the Merchants were nested in. This caused each of the Merchant windows to display in the toolbar.

I examined each merchant window and found the option to

“Include toolbar button to show/hide”

So, I unchecked that option for each of the merchant windows. Then I started the game and all the merchants windows opened up when the game started. Attempting to close any of thses windows shut down the game.

After further examination, I noted that by disabling the “Toolbar Show/Hide” command on the merchant window, it also removes the Hotkey applied to that window.

So, then I tried keeping the “Toolbar Show/Hide” option on so the hotkey would be active and left the “Toolbar Button Text” and “Toolbar Tooltip Text” blank. Now, everything works as it’s supposed to except I now have a series of tiny squares in my toolbar menu. Obviously, each one represents one of the merchant windows.

My question is, how do I have a set of map windows that do not appear on the toolbar and are only accessible by attaching their hot key to a game piece? In other words, hiding them in the background until the hot key is used?


i think there is no real solution to this, but i can think of a pretty good work around (apart from redesigning the module).

  • leave the maps with tool bar button enabled
  • create a tool bar menu, but dont not set a name and do not set a button gfx
  • put all the maps in that toolbarmenu

in effect the buttons dont show up and get summed up in the newly created tool bar menu. this will not show up either, since the button has no text and no icon it will be 1x1 pixel transparent. unless you have some aiming skills and a good portion of luck you wont be able to click on it.

this is no solution as mentioned earlier, but i think its a good work-around.

p.s.: i dont know if not setting gfx will create NULL pointer exeptions ?! i case i does i hope this is taken care of ;)

That’s an interesting angle to the problem. I’ll give it a shot.

Worked perfectly. Thanx!

Thus spake “Dab”:

No, it should not. If it does, that’s a bug we would try to fix as
soon as we knew about it.


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