Hiding one side of a double sided Map

Howdy Gents,

I’ve an interesting problem facing me. I’ve a game with Leader Displays on separate cards, one a French card, one for the Spanish, etc. Now these displays contain holding boxes for the units assigned to those leaders. The French for instance place their units on these displays and are able to see it. BUT the Spanish player is supposed to only see the reverse of the card. He cannot see the reverse side with the units assigned to the leaders. He’s only to see the names of the leaders and the leader’s ratings (which will be visible upon their counters on the main map so they’re no secret).
HOW do I make this display, which is really a separate map of its own visible on one side to all sides, but not on the other and that hides the units thereupon from all view except, in this example, for the French being able to see their own leader display and his units thereon.

This is a new wrinkle in a game for me. Never saw anything quite like it before and am a bit stumped on how to accomplish this.

I’m not sure I understand the problem properly, but it seems like there is no need for anything to be double-sided. You have a private window for each faction for the “front” of the card, units, etc. Whatever public information is on the “reverse” side of the card is displayed on the Main Map or another public window.