Hiding Private Hand when changing Side


Problem : If we play hot-seat, and a player forgot to close his Hidden Hand, it remains open for the other players. And they can see what it contains.

Question : How can I make the Retire Action … from the Definition of Player Sides, close the Hidden Windows that were open?

I detail the context. I want each players on the game to have 3 Windows each :

  • a board as Map Window, with a Map Board and many pieces visible to everyone. Accessible by everybody, the moves on these are tracked and reported.
  • a Hidden Hand, the is a Private Window, with the Belongs to side set to 1 player, and Visible to all players? unchecked.
  • The visible cards, as a Private Window, this one as the Visible to all players checked, but as it belongs to a specific side, noone but the owner can move cards on this Window.
    There is an include toolbar button to show/hide on all of these 3 windows.

The point is : everybody can check the others maps, and have a look at the cards they have placed on the table.
But the hidden hands can only be visible by the owner.

The toolbar button to show/hide the Hidden Hand is greyed when another side is connected, so they could not make the Hidden cards visible.

Unfortunately, if a player retired but forgot to hide his Hidden Hand, the next player will see it open.

This looks like a bug to me – if a rule imposed on a window says that only a certain side (not player, incidentally) may see the window, it should remain invisible even if that side has retired.

Bug report ?
VASSAL Version 3.2.17
Operating System : Max OS X Sierra
Module contains :

  • 1 Map Window, used as a main map
  • 4 Map Windows, used as players maps, visible by all
  • 4 Private Windows, used as players cards, visible by all, but only modifiable my owner
  • 4 Private Windows, used as players hidden hands, not visible by non-owners
    The 4 Private windows not visible by players are impossible to select from the Main toolbar for non-owners - OK
    But when a player is active, and leaves his Hand open before he retires, the window remains visible for other players.
    Workaround : add a Hide Pieces Button to the Private Window. Not perfect, the player may still forget to hide pieces.