Hive module question


I need to contact the creator of Hive module for Vassal. I would like to modify it a little (change graphics, add unofficial pieces which can be found at ). Actually, I’ve already made most of the modifications. I would like to ask the creator for permission to put here a modified version of his/her module. I will not take any credit for that, aside from mentioning what kind of modifications I have made. If you have read this post, please let me know if you agree. I prefer if you’d send me an e-mail (

BTW, thank you for creating this module. It’s very valuable for Hive community.

Although I created the original vmod, I have given it to the VASSAL community (and general boardgaming community) as a way to play this great game by email or with distant friends.

Do you have a account? If so, feel free to upload the new vmod and link to it on the game page. Be sure to add something to the comment section about what you’ve added/changed! If not, make one and do it =-)

Thanks a lot. As soon as I will get all the data for some unofficial expansions, I will upload the new vmod. I thought it would be fair to ask you for permission. Greetings!

Other than the dragonfly, what else are you going to add? If you’re replacing all of the graphics, that’s cool too; I planned to do it eventually just to be safe license-wise.

There will be two certain additions: dragonfly & moth. There were some more on boardgamegeek forum, f.e. the mite or scorpion. If the authors will agree and give me graphics plus the rules, I will include them too.

What’s the status? I’ve been anxiously checking the module page every few hours since you last posted! =-)

Sorry, it will take some time. I have announced that your renewed module will be published at boardgamegeek. To include more than just two unofficial creatures, I will wait until April 15-th for the people to send me their propositions for the pieces (rules, graphics). The authors of dragonfly and moth are working too, improving and updating their pieces, so please, have patience. I will let you know, if there is any progress.