Holland '44 opponent wanted

Looking for an opponent. Played on Vassal a couple of years ago and would like to play again.

If you are willing to have an opponent that hasn’t played a board game in over 40 years, please consider me. The last game I played was Luftwaffe back in 1970s. I am now retired have have some spare time.

I have never used Vassal, I just got an account set up so I will need help understanding the system.

I have never played and do not own the game but it looks like it is available for purchase. Also, I would prefer to play the turn-by-turn version.


I have played a couple of times.

PBEM or Live?



I prefer to exchange files for the phases through the movements phase and then do the combat and end phases synced up live. We can communicate by messaging in Vassal or use Skype to talk. I am in the eastern time zone. I am willing to use the dice server in the game or use the dice server in Acts or a combination. If you are not familiar with Acts, it uses a spoof proof way to do rolls.

I have played three times and my impression is the game is slightly favors the Germans. I am wiling to play either side. I you would like to discuss please email me.