Hotkey for reversing deck order, return to bottom of deck

Currently there is no hotkey for the reverse deck order command as far as I can tell.

I brought this up in a thread here a while back and Rodney mentioned looking into it:

Returning cards to the bottom of the deck

Adding a hotkey to the Reverse deck order command would help immensely. Adding an option to designate decks so that cards returned to them go to the bottom instead of stacking back on top would be a bonus, but even with the reverse hotkey I think this should work, as a discard command could trigger a “reverse deck → return card to deck → reverse deck again” set of actions with the hotkey being available.

I have added two new RFE’s:

2799262 Add ‘Return to Bottom’ option to Decks
2799261 Add Reverse Hot-key to Deck

These are not too hard, I should be able to include these in 3.2.


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One more feature request I was thinking of that would be helpful (at least for me) would be to add a hotkey to the changing of face-up/face-down as well that’s available via the right-click deck menu.

The behavior I am trying to replicate is the ability of a player to see the card on the bottom of a normally face-down deck without having to draw it out of the deck–in a sense, picking up the deck in its entirety, seeing the bottom card, and drawing it if desired before putting the deck back down. In practical terms, this means sending the bottom card to the top (by means of reversing the entire deck or just sending the bottom card to the top with the rest of the deck keeping its order) and then allowing it to be drawn or sent back to the bottom if the player does not want to draw it.

With a reverse hotkey (which you’ve already added the RFE for) and a faceup/facedown hotkey (what I’m inquiring about now), I could use a GKC on a 1x1 pixel piece that would then trigger and fire off GKCs that would reverse the deck, toggle faceup/facedown, then once the look was completed (as indicated by another GKC), toggle faceup/facedown and reverse the order once more.

I think I could also reverse the deck, then apply a GKC to any card in position 1 (the RFE for adding a property returning card position has also been added) to unmask, then mask again and reverse the order once completed–I think.

I don’t know if there’s another way to complete this, but I think I can do this with the hotkeys above if they’re added.

As always, thanks for the work you and the others put into this. I can’t imagine how many hours of work Vassal represents at this point.

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On 31/05/2009 at 9:39 PM Bigtex01 wrote:

I’ve added this to RFE 2799261.

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I have added the following to the trunk for 3.2:

  • Decks can now specify a Hotkey for the Reverse and FaceUp/Down command
    and can customize the Reverse and Re-shuffle menu command names. [RFE 2799261]

  • Counters now support the DeckPosition property. If a piece is not in a
    Deck, 0 is returned. If a piece is in a Deck, then the position of the
    piece relative to the top of the Deck is returned. The top piece returns
    1, the next piece down returns 2 etc. [RFE 2799291]

Adding the option to have cards added to the bottom of the Deck is tricky and I am
leaving for now, however, it is fairly easy to implement already:

  • Add a Map auto-move key to the Map
  • Add a Trigger to the Cards looking for the map auto-move key and executing a ‘Down Arrow’
    command to move them to the bottom of the Deck. Your could include a property expression
    DeckName=deck so that it only happens within the Deck.


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Amazing. Great work! I’ve gotten the return to bottom to work with a trick you also mentioned in another thread over a year ago by combining a return to deck with the down key. However, it only works as a right click command but not if the card is manually placed on top of the deck. Your suggestion here makes sense, and I’ll definitely see if I can make that work as well, because that would seem to take care of both problems (cards returned by right click command as well as cards returned manually).