How do Report Actions get processed

Hello module makers and developers,

Using triggers to set off a chain of actions, I have found it difficult to predict which Report Actions from different branches display 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the text window. I’ve tried moving the report traits up and down the Current Trait list without much understanding.

Anyone know the secret logic behind the curtain?



For example:
An armor unit is moved into a hex containing a squad. The move gets reported as: “armor unit moves to hex a-2”
The squad in the hex makes a check if it is eliminated. If true, it gets reported as: “squad is overrun by armor unit”
When the squad is elliminated, it reports: “squad elliminated”

So, the report line shows the following:

  • squad elliminated
  • squad is overrun by armor unit
  • armor unit moves to hex a-2

This is reveresed ordered. Since this follows a trigger chain, how would I control the report so that it reports in the proper order? It seems like First In - Last Out.